Love BCPL but Not New Logo

First of all, I love the Baltimore County Public Library. My wife and I take the kids to their programs and I often use their resources for work, school and personal business.

I think new BCPL Director Paula Miller is picking up where former director Jim Fish left off and is running a great agency.
With that being said, I don’t like the new logo. Yes I do hate change, but this new logo does not market BCPL well.
I have no problem with going from a Blue to a Green color for the logo. I don’t mind them taking away those six upward blue lines above BCPL, but why is the logo just a “B” not BCPL? It would be like Baltimore County Public Schools changing their BCPS logo to “B”. Where is the “CPL”?
The sad part is that this logo looks like my green favicon B that I use for Benstorming, but I’m low budget. BCPL (or should I now call them B) should have a better logo than me.
Either way, I will continue to visit and support Baltimore County Public Library.

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