Miele to Challenge Klausmeier in 2018

After much speculation, Delegate Christian Miele officially announced that he is running for State Senate at a campaign event last week, highlighted by an appearance from Gov. Larry Hogan. Miele is one of three Republican delegates in the 8th District and he is seeking the senate seat which is currently held by Democratic Senator Kathy Klausmeier in 2018. Miele has a tough road ahead as Klausmeier has held the senate seat for the past 15 years and has been in the General Assembly since 1995, but many feel that this seat can flip to Republican and Miele is the perfect candidate to defeat Klausmeier. This is a pivotal seat for the Republicans because even with a Republican governor, Democrats still have the ability in both the House and Senate to override Hogan’s vetoes. The GOP needs to pick up five seats in the Senate to stop the Democrats of those veto overrides and they feel that Miele can take care of one of those five seats. Now they need to find four more candidates to take care of the rest.


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