Loch Raven HS Principal (and my first journalism teacher) to Retire

Loch Raven High School principal Bonnie Lambert is retiring on Friday, Dec. 1 after 15 years at the school. It is always a big story when a long-term high school principal announces his/her retirement since there are only 24 high schools in Baltimore County.

Ms. Lambert’s retirement is significant to me because she was my first journalism teacher at Patapsco High School. (Yes, it was just Patapsco High School and not Center for the Arts in 1993).

Bonnie Lambert, pictured here at Loch Raven High School’s graduation in the spring, is retiring on Dec. 1.
-photo courtesy of Twitter-

Her class was my first taste of journalism in my junior year. She must have done something right as I went on to work for The East County Times and Dundalk Eagle newspapers.

I was disappointed that Ms. Lambert did not return to teach journalism at Patapsco in my senior year. Little did I know that she was preparing for a successful career as an administrator.

As a reporter for ECT and DE, I had to follow all the principals in eastern Baltimore County and I saw that she became principal at Loch Raven HS.

I was hoping that our paths would have crossed one day as I interviewed many teachers and principals throughout eastern Baltimore County but Loch Raven was just out of our coverage area with ECT.

Apparently, I was not the only student that Ms. Lambert inspired as reports on social media about her retirement resulted in high praises from parents and former students at Loch Raven.

I want to wish Ms. Lambert the best of luck in her retirement.

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