Naming the New Northeast Elementary School – by Ben Boehl-

BCPS has announced that they are inviting the public to submit name ideas for the new northeast elementary school in Perry Hall.

Community members can submit their name ideas with an online form You may also submit more than one name.

I wrote a blog about this in the spring. I like the name Honeygo Elementary with the irony of Honeygo ES being located on Joppa Road as Joppaview ES is already located on Honeygo Boulevard.
BCPS also announced that Charlene Behnke is the new principal at the school. She was the principal at Vincent Farm Elementary.

What Will be the Name of New Northeast Elementary School?

As someone who works for a government official, I want to stay away from praising (and criticizing) other offices, but as a parent, I am happy that our elected officials (and volunteers of the community) secured our area a new elementary school and now a new middle school in the northeast.

Now that the hard work is done, what will be the name of the new northeast elementary school?
I could call up the local officials to get a heads up but I rather have fun and try to speculate as a parent who might have his kids in the school.
Names It Wont Get
With the school located on Joppa Road and near Chapel Road, Chapel Hill ES and Joppaview ES would be perfect names if those other schools didn’t already exist. Snyder Park is close by the new school, but I doubt it would be called Snyder ES. Too common of a name. I would hope the new school would not be called Northeast Elementary because this is a neighborhood school in Perry Hall and not a regional school in Northeast Baltimore County. (Although, Northeast Middle School could be a name considered for the regional middle school in Northeast Baltimore County. More on that in a later blog)
Honeygo ES

If I had to make an early pick, I would say Honeygo Elementary School. The word “Honeygo” is growing in the area along with Honeygo Blvd. Most kids that would go to the new school will probably live near the Honeygo Blvd. corridor.

Plus, we could have that irony of having Joppaview ES on Honeygo Blvd. and Honeygo ES on Joppa Road.

Gough ES
Gough is a strong name too after Perry Hall’s founder Harry Dorsey Gough. With Gough Park being down the street, Gough ES could go hand and hand with the new school
Soupka ES

The Soupka Arena is named after Jerry Soupka, the longtime rec. council volunteer. I don’t think the school would actually be named after Mr. Soupka, but there is a possibility that the school could be named after Soupka Arena since it will be across the street from the school.

Nottingham ES

For years, I have teased the community for using the names White Marsh Mall and Police Precinct and Perry Hall middle and high schools while they all reside in the Nottingham zip code of 21236. Could this finally be the time the word Nottingham is used to name a school? Probably not. The new school is in the actual Perry Hall zipcode of 21128. Again, we could have Perry ES in a Nottingham zip code and the new Nottingham ES in a Perry Hall zip code. Nevermind. Let’s save that Nottingham name for the middle school. Again, I’ll explain later. I’m having too much fun.