Glad to Hear About the Return of Parkville Bowling Lanes

Great news. Parkville Bowling Lanes are scheduled to reopen on Saturday, Sept. 9. It is ironic how I found out about the re-grand opening.

As the kids and myself were leaving Bible School, a lady asked what I was going to do with the kids for the rest of the day. I told her that I bought the summer bowling pass at a local bowling alley and we got on the subject of dying duckpin lanes. The Parkville lanes came up in the conservation and I told her how it was a shame that they had to close.
Then I was wondering whatever happened to the Parkville Lanes building?After I heard the lanes closed, I figured that the building was going to become another Dollar store or something.
So the kids and I decided to take a drive by the old lanes to find out what took over that spot. We were not only happy to see the bowling alley was still there but a sign on the door that stated the grand opening on Sept. 9.
Of course later that night, someone shared a Baltimore Business Journal article ( on their social media page and now their return is all over social media.
It’s funny how a conservation about Parkville Lanes resulted in the discovery of their reopening. Glad to see them returning.